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Friday, February 26, 2010

5 Watts to Italy. Brake my personal record!!!

After 2 hour i listen and try to get EU station with my QRP station, then this is happen. Very challenging i told you if you want to work with QRP on 10m.

This maybe can give the guide and inspiration to 9w2 station for hard work on 10m. Give a good "image" of our 9w2 for working on HF band

 I am so very shock then i'll make a mistake when returns call to I5ZSS. Hope to work on 2.5 watts to Italy maybe someday..75 to all of you


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haizul said...

Salam kontek pendana untuk anda, Saya 9W2IRH amat teruja apabila saudara membuat pencapaian begini. Ingin rasanya mendalami lebih lanjut dalam 10m dan Hf, Tahniah dan Syabas untuk anda. 73