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Friday, March 5, 2010

10m VS 40m

Who said that 40m always open? Ini semua kerja Allah. Dia lah menentukan segalanya. What i want to say is, they are proud to be the 40m because of 9w2 cannot be. Why we have a border from that. If you like 40m just go on. Do not disturb 9w2 with something you create it.

We know our limit. We follow the MCMC terms. But, your act like MCMC. You want to be MCMC just apply the application form.

You also know that 10m is very challenging. It's a magic bang somebody said. Most importantly, when we work on 10m we also monitoring on sun and atmosphere activity. You on 40m...what you do? Qso? Give signal report?
The conclusion is, "they" create a border between us with this 2 Amateur Radio band.


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FTDX400 said...

My Dear Fried....
For your infomation a group of 9Ms HAD proposed to MCMC somewhere in 2005 that those who holds Class B AA for more than 2 years to be allow them to work on 80M and 40m bands but our proposal regarding this matters have not been materialise until today....We have done a few propasal on papers related to Amateur Radio in our country. But unfortunately you and many others are not aware of all this. We cant table everything here. In this world there are 3 types of peoples.
1. The Doers
2. The talkers.
3. The tappers

No point pointing finggers.... the best things get a few peoples around... write some proposal on papers how to do it...why you need it and so on.. table it to the authority. If there is any problems we go for problem solving dont creat more peoblems. I think thats the best ways to solve the problems insted of blaming others. Just my 1 cent.