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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Up coming my homebrew antenna

This inspiration came from my old friend 9w2in. Some one who got about 3000+ QSL card on 6 month DX.

Like you can see, the pattern diagram is very selective, with noteable front-to-back performance around 27db . The vertical diagram pattern with the antenna at 8 meters height, presents the elevation peak at 18° with 12,14 dbi and 5,14dbi at 5°.

 It's also can work on vertical condition.

By the way, there is the comparisons between the other antenna

3Yagi Elements  3, Gain dBi  8.25 , F/B 180 24.80, Ro 21.9
3Quad  Elements 3, Gain, dBi 9.32 , F/B 180 23.21, Ro 44.5
My Upcoming Hombrew Elements 3, Gain, dBi 7.15, F/B 180 26,5, Ro 49.5
Most importantly, this antenna veri light and suitable for portable DXing.
Supprise wait for the pattern and the photo. This antenna was
very successful on 11 meter by year 2000. So i'll just make it to 10 meter.

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